SRB Graphene Ceramic Coating

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Author : Maggie
Update time : 2024-06-17 16:43:42
SRB Graphene Ceramic Coating is coating with graphene molecules grafted onto the ceramic backbone. Utilizing the latest graphene based technology to make a stronger, more durable deep shine coating that is easier to apply. This coating acts as a barrier against dust buildup, UV rays, corrosion, rust and debris accumulation, making it a preferred choice of car owners.

In the kit you’ll find: 
1- 30ml Graphene Ceramic Coating
2- Suede Foam Applicator
3- Single Soft Towels

How to use SRB Graphene Ceramic Coating?
1. Clean and degrease the paint surface of any existing protection or residual films. For optimal results, users must Wash, Clay/Decontaminate, and Polish their paint prior to application.
Pour drops of the SRB Graphene Ceramic Coating liquid onto the supplied Suede Foam  Applicator to sufficiently wet it. Work the product into the surface, ensuring full coverage over the desired area, using cross hatching motions and overlapping your previous pass by 25-50%. 
3. Wipe the coating off, applying minimal pressure to the towel in the process. Wipe down in a similar cross hatch pattern as applied, switching/flipping the towel periodically to use a new face to fully level the coating.
4. Once fully leveled, allow SRB Graphene Ceramic Coating to fully cure for 24 hours, free from water, elements, or weathering.
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