Do you know why you need to pre wash your vehicle?

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Update time : 2024-05-31 11:27:21
Car exterior washing (pre-washing)
Before washing the car, be sure to let the car cool down, especially the brake disc, and never wash it at high temperatures. The purpose of surface cleaning of the car body is to do a preliminary cleaning of the dust and sand on the surface of the car body, so that as much as possible no sand or dust adheres to the surface.
Pre-washing procedure - after rinsing the outside (without wiping the surface moisture), you can directly spray asphalt cleaner or iron remover , wait for 2-3 minutes (without scrubbing the surface), and then rinse directly with clean water.
This is commonly known as the pre-wash procedure.
The main task of pre-washing is to use clean water to wash away dust and sand on the surface of the car body, and to preliminarily clean the asphalt and iron powder. After pre-washing, some heavy dirt, such as asphalt, iron powder, etc., can be easily identified... etc., to facilitate further cleaning and removal of heavy dirt on the appearance of these car bodiesa.
Recommended products are S1 and S2 touchless car wash shampoo, pink foam and snow foam.
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